Does a new relationship have an effect on my chances of custody?

Does a new relationship have an effect on my chances of custody?

When you become divorced, it is only natural that you move on and enter a new relationship with another person at some point. When you are a parent, a new relationship effects more than just yourself. Of course, your children will become impacted by any new person that enters your life and your ex spouse may try to use that against you in court. A child of divorce is already experiencing a lot of emotional difficulty and the addition of a parent’s new relationship can be incredibly hard on them.

The courts understand that new relationships are bound to happen in the future. The only way that this new relationship can have an impact on your chances of obtaining custody is if there is proof that this will have a severe, profound impact on your children. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration. If the kids have already established a relationship with that person, there is no reason for this to have an impact on custody. Another example may be that the court may rule that the parent can have visitation with the children but the parent’s new significant other may not have any contact with the children.

Every situation is different and if you have questions regarding your specific situation, it may be beneficial for you to consult with an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can provide you with quality legal assistance.

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