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Unfortunately, child neglect and abuse continues to be a real problem in the United States. Appropriately, New York law enforcement and courts are proactive and aggressive towards any allegation of child abuse or neglect. Faced with signs of abuse or neglect, a parent must act to protect their child. If you see any signs of neglect or abuse in your family, call the authorities on the statewide 24 hour hotline at (800) 342-3720 or 911. The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. highly recommends you contact one of our experienced attorneys to discuss your options in order to protect your family.

Child abuse and neglect defined

Child abuse and neglect covers a wide range of issues and being educated on the signs is always a good idea. The forms of maltreatment to be wary of include:

  • Physical abuse- injuries with the appearance of battery or violence
  • Emotional abuse- continued periods of humiliation and degradation
  • Sexual abuse- inappropriate or forced sexual acts
  • Neglect- failure to care for a child properly
  • Abandonment- leaving the child without proper care

CPS explained

In New York, any allegations of abuse or neglect should be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS).  Parents who see any sign of neglect or abuse are legally obligated to report their findings. Inaction is a form of neglect. If identified, parents who don’t report neglect or abuse will be held legally responsible.

When a report is filed

Child Protective Services is required to investigate all allegations of abuse or neglect within 24 hours of a case being reported. CPS will investigate the safety of the named child and any other minors in the home. They will determine the risk to any children if they stay in the home. If it is necessary, CPS has the authority to take a child into protective custody in order to guard them from further abuse or neglect. To further protect the child, CPS has the obligation to offer the family services appropriate to their circumstances. In some cases, CPS may have to petition Family Court to mandate services. CPS has 60 days to determine if the case is “unfounded” or “indicated”. The appropriate steps are then taken to secure the safety of the child, whatever courts deem appropriate.

Mandated reporters protect Long Island children

Parents are not the only ones who have a legal obligation to report maltreatment. Certain professionals are considered “mandated reporters” of child abuse and neglect. If they fail to report any signs of harm, they can be held liable by both the civil and criminal legal systems. These professions include but are not limited to:

  • School administrators and educators
  • Medical Professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Law enforcement

Contact the authorities and Long Island attorneys

If you see signs of abuse or neglect, contact the authorities. If you believe the child is in immediate danger, call 911. It is important to protect your family as soon as possible. We recommend that you call The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. to speak with one of our Long Island attorneys with years of experience assisting clients through cases of abuse and neglect. Child abuse and child neglect are serious crimes and our clients deserve a life free of turmoil. The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. is determined to come to the best possible conclusion that protects your rights, family, and helps you move on to a better life. Contact us for a consultation.

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