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When a married couple wants to end the relationship and no longer live together, they often get a divorce. In some cases, individuals want to be genuinely separated and stay legally married. In New York, legal separation is a way to formally end a living relationship but continue the marriage. People prefer this option for many reasons. Some may include:

  • Financial assistance
  • Medical insurance
  • Taxes
  • Qualifying to become a foster parent

People may prefer a legal separation because of religious beliefs. Others are just not ready to end the relationship and move towards divorce. Separation keeps the marriage open and ongoing, allowing for reconciliation.

A Separation Agreement explained

A Separation Agreement is the most common way to obtain a separation. A court cannot grant a Separation Agreement. There is no application form. A Separation Agreement is a legal contract between spouses where they voluntarily agree to some factors. These include but are not limited to:

It is recommended that each party has legal counsel when drafting this document. Parties are not required to have separate counsel to draft the Separation Agreement, but when faced with a complicated case involving debts, pension, real estate, and tax concerns, it is highly recommended that both parties have representation with their best interests in mind. A Separation Agreement becomes legally binding when each spouse agrees to the whole agreement and acknowledges that fact by signing the document in the presence of a notary public. No one is legally obligated to file the Agreement with any government agency.

How a Separation Agreement can become a divorce

Either spouse may file for divorce one year after signing and notarizing a Separation Agreement based on the fact that the document exists. This is called a conversion divorce. Even if one spouse has grounds for divorce, the Agreement can make the divorce easier and faster. At this point, the Separation Agreement must be filed with the county clerk. Long Island judges have the discretion to incorporate some or all of the terms of the Agreement into the divorce judgment. If the judge agrees to incorporate the terms, they might need the Agreement to have specific wording.

For more information, please read Attorney Pollack’s Complete Guide to Nassau County Divorce.

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