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The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. serves clients in Nassau & Suffolk County regarding family law. Please find below some of Robert Pollack’s many testimonials and  links to other review sites. If you are a client of Attorney Pollack, please take a minute to write a short review about your experience with the law firm. If you need quality legal services, please contact The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. for a consultation.

Mr. Pollack was amazing!

At the most trying time in my life, I was lucky enough to have had a friend that recommended Mr. Pollack to me. My husband had cheated on me and Mr. Pollack found out later that he had taken money for years and used it for gambling and to take his various girlfriends on expensive vacations. My ex husband is self employed and deals in medical equipment sales so he traveled often for work, but I found out that he was not really working most of the time he was away. My children were scared of their father because he came home drunk alot and while we were married, I had to get an order of protection against him five different times. I had no money and was definitely trapped. My friend loaned me the money to retain Mr. Pollack and after he started working on my case, I felt SO relieved and very protected. I could go on and on about how nice Mr. Pollack was to me and how he and his staff treated me with respect and caring; but in the end, even though it looked for a while that my case was going to have to go to trial, Mr. Pollack was able to negotiate a great settlement for me. Now, I am finishing my college degree and am planning on becoming a teacher. Honestly, I think my children and me owe our happiness to Mr. Pollack. I have since recommended him to three other friends and they all hired him and were equally pleased I think.- A Divorce Client

You should call Mr. Pollack

I had a very difficult divorce in Nassau County, New York. I was in court constantly and my ex (owned his own business) was making it impossible to find out financial information about him and his business. My first attorney had no clue, though she was supposed to be an expert. My friend used Mr. Pollack about five years ago and always spoke so highly of him but for some reason, my first lawyer convinced me that she could do a better job. Well, she did not and I wasted thousands of dollars on her. I fired her and hired Mr. Pollack. He came into the case and changed the whole thing very quickly. Anyway, I was very pleased with the outcome and truly believe that it was Mr. Pollack’s knowledge and agressiveness that got my case settled on favorable terms. He is very nice and easy to talk to as well. He always calls back, even on the weekends, which my first lawyer NEVER did!- A Divorce Client

I highly recommend Mr. Pollack

Mr. Pollack was always there for me during what started as a simple divorce but turned into a war. The war started when my husband started harassing me and I originally hired Mr. Pollack to get me an order of protection, which he did. Then, after seeing him work and liking him very much, I changed divorce attorneys and he became my only attorney. He did a great job and I really feel I was lucky to find him. I found him on the web by the way. Since my divorce, I have called him with questions at various times. He refuses to take money for his time and always calls me back.- A Family Client

Robert Pollack is an excellent lawyer

Mr. P. was my 2nd attorney in my divorce. He really saved the day for me and my children. My ex is finally treating me with respect and paying his child support b/c Mr. P. kicked his you know what in court.- A Divorce Client

He did a really good job

All I can say is that he got me custody of my son and as a father, I really didn’t think I had a chance. Mr. P. is a real professional who knows his way around the courtroom. He is a real good guy; very accessible… even would call me back on a Sunday if I needed him.- Happy Dad

I would happily recommend my divorce lawyer

My friend who is a lawyer recommended me to Mr. Pollack. I was in a very bad situation with my husband for many years. In our first meeting, my attorney made me feel more secure and hopeful about my future. Because my husband would never cooperate, we went to court numerous times. My attorney really knew what he was doing and I could tell that the judge liked him. In the courtroom it was sometimes obvious that certain lawyers were not respected by the judge as much as my attorney. He was always in control and had a game plan. In the end, we did not go to trial and my settlement is great for me and my kids. He is also a pleasure to deal with and is very reliable.- A Divorce Client

A champion of the abused spouse

I enthusiastically endorse this lawyer. He has represented me and several of my patients in their divorce actions; they have all found him to be an excellent communicator, available for conversation, a sympathetic person who is dedicated to helping the abused party find protection and justice. He is also very sensitive to the needs of children in the divorce actions. Knowledgeable and conversant with many others who are involved with family law problems he is an excellent person of high moral character and he gets results.- A Divorce Client

Very Easy To Talk To

Rob was on top of all aspects of my case. If he wasn’t available, he returned my calls or emails in a very timely fashion. He was very easy to talk to and was non judgmental. He would explain the process, what to expect, time frames, fees for services. He kept me copied on everything he did and always offered me the opportunity to review any correspondence he’d written on my behalf prior to sending. I feel very comfortable recommending Rob as your attorney.- Jill

Mr. Pollack is super!

I would highly recommend my attorney Mr. Pollack and his firm. He is a pro and a human being who really cared. My divorce was not easy but Mr. Pollack handled my husband and his attorney with no problem. From the beginning he took control and made me feel safe and protected. it is my pleasure to give him this recommendation. K.D.- A Divorce Client

Great lawyer and good guy

I found Mr. Pollack’s firm searching on the web because none of my friends who went through a divorce had anything nice to say about their laywer. I had met with three other lawyers before Mr. Pollack but when I met him I knew right away that he was the right choice. He really cares about you and that comes through right away. He ia an excellent divorce lawyer and helped me tremendously.- A Divorce Client

Great divorce lawyer

Mr. Pollack was my 2nd attorney for my divorce which was a really hard case. My husband did everything he could do to make the process painless for me. My first attorney waited for things to happen but Mr. P. made them happen and soon, the ball was in MY court for the first time. The case was going to go to trial but the day before my husband backed down and settled. Mr. P. was just amazing and I would reccomend him without question. My friend used Mr. P’s firm after me and was just as pleased.- A Divorce Client

Super lawyer

I hired Mr. Pollack for my divorce. My husband played games throughout the whole case, but Mr. Pollack’s tenacity and knowledge kept my husband and his less able attorney in check at all times. The entire time, Mr. Pollack and his staff kept me fully informed about my case, answered all my questions quickly, and gave me a feeling of comfort and support that I did not expect to get from a lawyer. I was completely satisfied with my settlement and everything about my experience with Mr. Pollack and his office. I would happily recommend him to anyone needing a divorce or family law attorney.- Ellen

Mr. Pollack was great to work with

When it comes to my marriage I did two things right. First, divorcing my ex and second, hiring The Law Office of Robert B. Pollack to do that for me. My friends have told me horror stories about their divorce lawyers but my experience with Mr. Pollack was just the opposite. A caring man who is expert in his field, guided me through the court process and was always there to answer questions and clarify. He always has a plan and thinks about your case a lot. He always calls back and that means in weekends too. When I needed him, he was there and the outcome of my divorce was very fair. Call him!- Andrea

Looking for a family law attorney in New York….your search is DONE!

I used Mr. Pollack for my divorce. In my opinion, after dealing with two attorneys prior to Mr. Pollack, there is no better divorce attorney than Mr. Pollack. He is an expert in what he does plus has a heart of gold and truly cares about his clients. He made the entire process as smooth as possible. He was also very accommodating to my work schedule by meeting me at times convenient to me. My only regret is that I didn’t retain Mr. Pollack sooner. He is a total gem and you will be in great hands.- Sandy

Wonderful lawyer and nice person

Mr. Pollack became my second divorce attorney upon recommendation from a co-worker. My first attorney was not doing the job and I believe now, interfering the entire process. I was getting nowhere with my first. Mr. Pollack came into the case and changed all that. His ablities, knowledge and focus on getting things done made my first attorney look even worse. All I can say is that Mr. Pollack took over the case and fairly soon after that, we had a settlement that I was happy with. I would truly recommend his firm for anyone’s divorce. Mr. Pollack is unique.- A Divorce Client

My advice is to call Mr. Pollack

When my husband served me divorce papers I think I was more afraid of having to find an attorney and deal with that then the divorce itself. I never needed an attorney before in my life and so on the recommendation of divorced friends, I met with three divorce attorneys, none of whom I felt comfortable with at all. Then I did some research on the web and found Mr. Pollack. He met with me quickly after I called and I knew at that meeting that I would be comfortable with his office for my divorce. My choice proved to be a good one for sure. Mr. Pollack was always there for me. Always answered all of my questions and made me feel like I was cared about by him and his staff. In court he was a bulldog. He really knows the law and what he is doing. My husband’s attorney was never as prepared as Mr. P. seemed to be or nearly as knowledgable; that was obvious to me. In the end my case was settled favorably for me and I now have peace and security in my life. I feel truly thankful for Mr. Pollack and how he and his firm helped me during a very scary and difficult time.- A Divorce Client

I Highly Recommend Mr. Pollack’s Law Firm

Mr. Pollack represented me in my divorce which started about 2 years ago and ended at the end of last year. From the moment I met him, I felt that someone cared about me and that feeling was with me all through the case. I was staying at home with two small children and my husband would not stop drinking and I came to the point where I could not take my marriage any more. Mr. Pollack’s firm gave me the way out and I am so thankful to him. He represented me with great dedication, expertise and concern and things are much better now for me and my girls. From time to time if I have questions I call him and he is always gracious and helpful. Mr. Pollack is an excellent and skillful attorney and a caring individual and I wholeheartedly recommend his firm.- A Divorce Client

Terrific attorney and advocate

My divorce attorney, Robert B. Pollack was a blessing in my life. I was in an abusive marriage and thought I was stuck in it with two young children. I first consulted with Mr. Pollack in early 2010 and realized that I was just not ready for a divorce. I was very scared. Later that year I met with him again thinking I was ready then, but I still was not. Mr. Pollack recommended that I see a therapist who was skilled in issues of abuse and with her assistance and staying in touch with Mr. Pollack and his staff, I finally found the courage to start my divorce in 2012. Retaining Mr. Pollack’s firm changed everything for me. He started my divorce and once my husband was served for the first time in my marriage I felt like I was a person again; that I had some control over my life. Suffice it to say that the divorce took about a year, but at every moment, Mr. Pollack and his lovely staff was there for me. He is obviously expert in his field and “held my hand” from beginning to end. My case was finally settled and he did a great job for me and my boys. Mr. Pollack is kind, very sharp, takes control and protects you, AND is an excellent divorce lawyer. I cannot say enough nice things about him and his firm!- A Divorce Client

Diligence, results and a gentleman

My research on the web led me to call Mr. Pollack’s firm and I am very glad I did. My husband started the divorce and did things from the beginning to scare me and intimidate me. Mr. Pollack and his wonderful staff “held my hand” through it all and dealt with my husband and his attorney with force and skill and soon had the ball in my court so to speak. When all was said and done, the case was settled and I am very happy with the results. My life is better now and I truly think I owe a lot of that to Mr. Pollack’s work, experience and dedication to my case. He is a kind and caring man in addition to being a smart and result oriented lawyer.- S.L.

Professional, attentive & pro-active – a true advocate for his clients

I hired Rob as my divorce attorney and I have nothing but praise for all his hard work and attention to my case. Always quick to return my calls or e-mails, he is results driven and focused, but tempers that with a sympathetic ear. I saw several reviews here by female clients discussing how Rob helped them through, and out of, an abusive marriage; I am here to present the other side – of how Rob empowered me to move through and past an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage – of how he tirelessly fought for my rights as a father, and helped keep the focus on the best interests of the child. I have recommended Rob to both a good friend of mine and an associate (both of whom had less than positive experiences at the beginning of their divorces with other attorneys), and they both thank me constantly for having introduced Rob to them.- Divorce Client

Tough, smart… wonderful attorney!

Mr. Pollack represented me in my divorce and I am very happy that he did. He and his firm were always on top of my case. I was kept informed of everything and my questions and concerns were always paid attention to and answered. When we went to court, it was very obvious that Mr. Pollack is very respected by the other attorneys and also our judge which made me happy to see and glad that I chose his firm. He knows the law that’s for sure. He is quick and very smart. Also, Mr. Pollack and his team are NICE… courteous, caring and genuinely so. And the fees I paid were quite a bit less than my husband paid and his attorney seemed to be an amateur compared to Mr. Pollack. My case settled and I am happy now and that is probably the best thing someone can say about their divorce! I would highly recommend Mr. Pollack’s firm to anyone needing an excellent divorce lawyer.- M

Mr. Pollack should be your choice.

I hired Mr. Pollack to represent me in my divorce two years ago. he was my second attorney. I fired my first lawyer because I felt very unsure about my case at all times with that attorney. I heard about Mr. Pollack and his firm from a friend and had a meeting with him and came away feeling much much better about everything. I then hired him to represent me and I’m glad I did. Mr. Pollack took control of my case and turned things around so I felt very well represented, completely different than my first attorney. my case ended on a very good note for me and my children. I only wish I had hired Mr. Pollock from the beginning because I would’ve saved about one year in time and thousands of dollars in wasted legal fees. I recommend Mr. Pollack all the time and truly sing his praises whenever I can.- CF

You deserve only the best divorce attorney!

Mr Pollack is a consummate professional, who is highly respected, knowledgeable, responsive, and caring. He is methodical and strategic in dealing with high conflict divorces. I found his experience in disarming and understanding the behavior of personality disordered spouses invaluable. I have great trust in Mr Pollack and confidence in his knowledge of the law and ability to represent me. It is without reservation that I recommend Mr Pollack. He runs circles around other divorce attorneys.- Client

The Divorce Lawyer To Choose

After all Mr. Pollack and his staff did for me in my divorce, I wanted to do this for him. Anyone needing the best divorce lawyer should not think twice; just call Mr. Pollack’s firm. The guy is smart. He thinks of all the angles and was ten steps ahead of my ex’s attorney from start to finish. He is always prepared. The judge really liked him and respected him; I could tell. Other attorneys in court treated him the same and that made me feel great that I had picked the right attorney to represent me. I always felt protected, well advised and respected. His people are great too… all calls are returned; all emails answered even on weekends. The end result was that we settled the case fairly and I think I got a really good deal. Hopefully, I will never need Mr. Pollack again for another divorce! (lol) but if I did, or if anyone I know does, he is the go to attorney. Trust me; he is great.- Marc

Thank you Mr. Pollack!

Thank you Mr. Pollack and your staff for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. I want everyone to know that if they ever need the best divorce lawyer imaginable, that they should call your firm because they will be glad they did. I tell everyone about how amazing you and your staff was and the difference your caring and professional efforts truly changed my life for the better. Thank you thank you thank you!- Lisa

Top Notch Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Pollack (and his staff) was wonderful! I fired my previous lawyer because he did nothing except wait around for my husband’s lawyer to make a move. Once I hired Mr. Pollack, it was night and day. We had not gone to Court and I honestly believe my old lawyer was afraid to confront my husband and his lawyer. Mr. Pollack filed whatever was needed and soon we had a judge and some action! Mr. Pollack took control of the case from that day on and we did not need to have a trial, though Mr. Pollack kept the pressure on that we would go to trial if my husband did not fess up about his “real income” that we all knew he made but would not admit to. Finally, it all worked out and we settled fairly. But that would not have been possible without my pit bull attorney Robert B. Pollack (he is only a pit bull when necessary but he is really very very nice lol and I was treated like gold by him and his people ) The man cares about you; sincerely.- Tina

Awesome Divorce Lawyer

With so many divorce lawyers to choose from, I thank my lucky stars I chose The Pollack Law Firm and Robert Pollack to handle my divorce. My case and my LIFE was handled so well by Mr. Pollack and his wonderful staff that no words of appreciation are really enough. My ex was self employed and his income was a big secret. But Mr. Pollack looked at how we lived and showed me how we would prove what my husband must be making because how else did we afford our life? It did not take long to settle the case actually, but that is because Mr. Pollack keeps pushing and pushing…. my ex husband (Mr. Pollack calls them “STBE”; “soon to be ex” lol) pays me enough child support and maintenance now so I live nicely with our children. I am also going back to get my Master’s and then go back to teaching which I never thought I would ever be able to do. There is a lot more I could say but I don’t want to ramble on. But Robert Pollack and his firm are just great; great people, great attention, great results.- Rena


If you are in need of a sharp, experienced and overall wonderful attorney to hire for a divorce, call Rob Pollack. I learned about Mr. Pollack and his firm from an ad in Long Island Woman Magazine and called; went in to meet for a consult and hired his firm on the spot. After having interviewed three other “top” divorce lawyers on Long Island and being so unimpressed and actually scared to have to deal with them, Mr. Pollack had a way of putting me right at ease and gave me some hope for my future. Everyone who works in his office is really nice and they all want to help. They are quite a team! My divorce was complicated but it is now over and I know I got a great result for me and I also know and will always feel I owe a great deal to Mr. Pollack and his firm.- Deb

Truly Cares About His Clients

Robert B. Pollack was instrumental in making a horrible, sad, emotional time in my life bearable. Rob will always call you back. You are never made to feel as if you are a burden, he truly cares about his clients. Aside from being compassionate and empathetic; Rob knows the Law. As a school teacher, Rob took the time to break “things” down and explain everything. There were times he would have to break “things” down several times and never once was I made to feel as though I was pestering him. Rob is a kind, respectful and extremely knowledgeable attorney. Robs demeanor in the courtroom is most certainly the man you want representing you. Rob took the time post a court hearing to send an email to be certain I understood what had transpired and if I remained comfortable with the decision’s, “we” made. Rob never told me what to do; Rob advised and advised well. There is truly not enough positive words I can use to express how fortunate I am to have had Rob representing me.. He goes above and beyond. If you live in Suffolk County or Nassau County (perhaps further?) and have to make the tough decision to file for divorce, call Rob. You will not be disappointed. Allow me to end with a quote Rob stated several times especially with children involved, “There are no winners and losers in a divorce, it is hard, it is difficult, it is so very painful BUT you will come out the other side”.  No truer words ever said.- Jennifer

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