Top 10 Long Island Divorce Attorneys

Top 10 Divorce Attorneys on Long Island

The Best Long Island Divorce Attorney | Robert B. Pollack, Esq.

Robert B. Pollack is one of Long Island’s best divorce attorneys. With decades of experience, Robert provides effective legal services to clients in Nassau and Suffolk County from the firm’s convenient locations in Jericho, Melville & Garden City. Robert is well-known in the legal community and across Long Island as an experienced and effective divorce attorney who will explore every legal option to procure a positive outcome for his clients.

Robert recognizes how stressful divorce and family law matters can be on the individual and his or her family. He is compassionate and comforting in his legal guidance. Robert takes the time to educate clients, helping them make informed decisions about their legal matter. His legal acumen and focus on the client’s best interest allow him to forge lasting relationships with clients. For this reason, Robert and his law firm celebrate an esteemed reputation for their care and skill.

Some Words From Robert’s Clients

“I hired Rob Pollack’s firm, the Pollack Law Firm, P.C. last year to divorce my husband of 30 years. My husband is a retired cop and wanted to give me nothing. His attorney made all sorts of motions to cause me to spend more and more hoping that I would run out of money and just go away. But Mr. Pollack fought for me all the way and finally the day before trial, my husband gave in and I got everything I was entitled to. I feel indebted to Mr. Pollack for what he did for me and by reviewing him here I am giving a little back. Hire him!!!” -Amy

“If you need a divorce lawyer, look no further, Rob is the best of the best. He has excellent legal knowledge and skills. He is caring, encouraging, always there to help you, explains everything clearly, always respond to phone calls, emails, and texts. I am very happy to highly recommend him.” -Sarah

“Rob was easy to work with and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. The process was quick and painless. He clearly puts his client’s interests first and this was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend him if you ever do need a divorce lawyer. -Krystele

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