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What is the first step in a divorce in New York?

What is the difference between legal custody and residential custody in New York?

What is a motion?

What happens if I stop paying child support in New York?

What can I do if my spouse quits a job to avoid child support?

My spouse and I have been living apart for several years. Are we separated?

If a court appoints an attorney for a child, what do they do?

How much alimony will I get after my divorce in New York?

How does New York calculate child support?

Does it help my child custody case in New York if my husband has a girlfriend?

Does domestic violence impact a child custody case in New York?

Does adultery impact a divorce case in New York?

Do I have more rights to custody if I am a stay at home parent?

Do divorce laws differ in New York if the couple is heterosexual or LGBTQ?

Can I file for divorce in New York if my spouse lives in another state?

Are divorced parents obligated to pay for college in New York?

Am I entitled to some of the value of the marital home if it is in my spouse's name in NY?

Am I entitled to a share of my spouse's business in a divorce in New York?

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