How to Keep Your Divorce Private and Save Money Simultaneously

How to Keep Your Divorce Private and Save Money Simultaneously

If you are ready to enter the divorce process, or you have already done so, at this point, your two primary concerns are most likely saving money/assets and keeping your divorce low-key. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Nassau County divorce attorney to learn more about how to do so, and how our firm can help you through every step of the divorce process ahead.

  • One of the most important aspects of keeping your divorce private is trying to settle it outside of the courtroom setting. More and more, people are turning to divorce mediators to work out any disagreements they have about their divorce terms. As long as you and your spouse can privately agree upon settlement terms, they will not be included as a part of the public record.
  • Consider the grounds for divorce you cite. New York is a no-fault state, and we encourage you to cite an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage, as opposed to other fault grounds, such as adultery. When you file a no-fault divorce, you avoid having unsavory fault grounds become part of the public record, thus protecting your privacy.
  • To save money, you and your spouse can establish certain temporary agreements until your divorce is officially finalized. You can freeze access to certain marital assets, and you may also legally and officially agree to continue certain benefits, such as health insurance until your divorce is settled.
  • One of the most useful tools for saving money in a divorce is drafting a prenuptial agreement, which should protect the assets you exclusively own. That being said, these agreements can only be drafted before marriage. However, if you are already married, you may draft a postnuptial agreement, which functions essentially the same as prenuptial agreements.
  • Finally, to ensure you divorce stays private, it is generally best to avoid posting about it on social media. Not only can this help you retain your privacy, but it may also drastically affect the outcome of your divorce. Oftentimes, spouses will use texts, Facebook posts, emails, and more to show their spouse’s “true colors” in court. To avoid this, simply do not write or post anything you wouldn’t want a judge to see.

For any additional questions about your divorce, please do not hesitate to give our experienced Nassau County divorce attorney a call today. Our firm is here to help you.

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