What to Know About Post-Divorce Modification in New York

What to Know About Post-Divorce Modification in New York

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To learn more about post-divorce modification, read more and speak with one of our experienced New York divorce attorneys today. Our legal team is here for you, even after your divorce.

What might merit a post-divorce modification in New York?

Once your divorce is finalized, it can be difficult to change the arrangements that have already been agreed upon. Because of this, there are a number of reasons to request a modification. Some examples include:

  • In the event that you or your former spouse are guilty of child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, or have a mental illness preventing you or your former spouse from parenting to the best of your ability, there should be an improvement made to the child custody terms of your divorce.
  • If you or your former spouse has earned a promotion, got demoted, or is now unemployed, disabled, or has had his or her job terminated, you may wish to adjust the terms of spousal support.
  • If your child has reached college age, the court may have to determine financial responsibility for college tuition and associated expenses.
  • If your child has reached adulthood and is not going to college, he or she will most likely no longer require child support payments.
  • If you or your former spouse are now cohabiting with another person, you may have to modify the terms of spousal support.
  • If your child has a significant schedule change, child custody terms and parenting time may need an improvement.

How can I modify my divorce agreement?

You will need to recognize that in order to obtain a post-judgment modification if there is a significant “change in circumstance.”

To successfully accomplish this, you and your attorney will need to collect various documents and information in order to verify your claim. For instance, police reports, tax returns, financial documents, school records, and more may all have an influence on the court’s decision. But, it is important to note that if you believe you and your former spouse can reach a fair agreement on your own, this may be your best choice. If you and your former spouse succeed, you will submit a consent order to the courts. If the order is approved, you have officially modified the terms of your divorce to better suit the needs of your family. Furthermore, it can be helpful to retain the help of a mediator.

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