What should I know about divorce mediation myths?

What should I know about divorce mediation myths?

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An alternative route some couples choose to take is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can be extremely beneficial for couples who cannot find a resolution to their disputed issues. However, there are several misconceptions about divorce mediation that discourage couples from choosing this option. If you are seeking a divorce, contact an experienced Nassau County Divorce Mediation Attorney who can help you collaboratively formulate a reasonable divorce agreement. 

What are some common myths about divorce mediation?

There are common misapprehensions about divorce mediation that turn people away from it. However, divorce mediation can effectively help couples mutually agree on the terms that will apply to the termination of their marriage. Divorce mediation can help individuals save a substantial amount of time and money. Divorce mediation can be a beneficial tool, however, couples must understand what common myths there are about divorce mediation. One of the more common myths about divorce mediation is that the mediator is in control of formulating an agreement they believe is reasonable for the couple. However, a mediator does not create a divorce agreement, they simply help the couple compromise and reach a mutual agreement. They are an unbiased third party that mediates the difficult decisions couples must make when going through the divorce process. A mediator helps minimize hostility and conflict. Nonetheless, couples often believe they will be clueless about how mediation works. Couples do not need to worry about this as mediators will help them understand how divorce mediation works as well as offer them insight into alternative solutions to their problems. Additionally, another mistaken belief is that divorce mediation is not legally binding. However, that is false. Once divorce mediation is finished, a contractual agreement is drawn and both parties sign it. By signing this contractual agreement, they are legally bound to abide by the rules outlined in their agreement. Another myth couples face is that divorce mediation will still end up in court. However, the only time it will end up in court is if one party breaches the contractual agreement. Furthermore, couples often believe divorce mediation can only work for couples with no children. Divorce mediation is open to several different types of couples. It does not matter if individuals have no assets or children. Couples may use mediation if it is the best option for successfully achieving a reasonable divorce agreement. However, mediation is not the most suitable option for couples who are unwilling to compromise and reach a mutual agreement.

If you are going through the divorce process, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our trusted and knowledgeable team members who can help you without your options. Our firms are committed to helping our clients choose the best divorce route for their situation. We are ready to help you mediate the terms of your divorce today.



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