How does child custody work around the holidays?

How does child custody work around the holidays?

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Divorces are extremely stressful especially when it comes to creating child custody agreements that ensure a child’s best interest is the main priority. Divorced couples must note there are special considerations for visitation schedules during the holidays. Holidays are supposed to be joyous occasions, however, if a divorced couple’s hostility prevents a child from spending quality time with both parents it could ruin the holidays. Divorced parents need to put their child’s best interest first. If you need help with your child custody agreement, contact an experienced Nassau County Child Custody Attorney who can help you successfully keep your child’s best interest as a priority when planning for the holidays.

How should divorced parents schedule their child custody agreement for the holidays?

Divorced couples need to create a visitation schedule for the holidays collaboratively. Holidays are extremely important as they bring families together. A child must benefit from the nurture of both parents. It is in the child’s best interest to have quality parenting time with each parent. The most common ways parents can divide their holidays after a divorce include:

Alternate holidays

A great way divorced couples can successfully co-parent during the holidays is by alternating holidays. This means parents must mutually agree on an arrangement where a certain holiday is assigned to each parent. For instance, if the child spends Thanksgiving with one parent, the next holiday would be spent with the other as they alternate. This is a great option for divorced parents that do not live nearby. This way both parents get equitable parenting time with their child during the holidays after a divorce.

Splitting holidays 

Another option parents may consider is splitting the holidays in half. This means parents would split the day into two halves. For instance, one parent could have the child in the morning while the other parent has them for the night. Essentially, one parent would spend one-half with the child while the other half is spent with the other parent which gives both parents equitable parenting time.

Fixed holidays 

Parents could consider creating a mutual plan where a certain holiday is celebrated with one of the parents every year. For instance, a child may spend every Christmas with one parent, while the other spends every Thanksgiving with the child, and so on. This allows each parent to spend a certain amount of holidays with their child. This especially works for parents who find specific holidays to mean more to them, as they can request they have that holiday spent with their child every year.

Celebrate the holiday twice

Another option divorced couples may consider is celebrating a holiday on two different dates. This means a child would essentially celebrate a holiday twice. For instance, one parent may celebrate a holiday a few days before or after the holiday while the other would celebrate on the actual holiday. This would allow both parents to spend full days celebrating a holiday with their child.

It doesn’t matter which plan you choose to create as long as it gives your child time with both parents during the holiday season as it serves their best interest. If you need help creating a child custody agreement that ensures the best interest of your child, reach out to one of our trusted and knowledgeable team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients put their child’s best interests first.

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