What Are Tips for Getting Through a Divorce from a Narcissist?

What Are Tips for Getting Through a Divorce from a Narcissist?

The divorce process tends to be of high conflict when there is a narcissist involved. But rest assured, there are certain approaches you can take to get through it. Continue reading to learn the tips for getting through a divorce from a narcissist and how an experienced Nassau County contested divorce attorney of The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., can stand by your side throughout.

What is a narcissist?

You may have heard the term narcissist used when describing someone without exactly understanding what it meant. Put simply, a narcissist is someone who is emotionally manipulative and thrives in environments of conflict. Other traits a narcissist may possess read as follows:

  • They think highly of themselves.
  • They view others as inferior.
  • They constantly seek admiration from others.
  • They lack empathy for others.

What are some pieces of advice for getting through a divorce from a narcissist?

Evidently, a narcissist does not bring the best combination of traits into the courtroom. Unfortunately, your experience may be much more difficult than you anticipated. However, below is a list of tips so that you can hold your own when getting through your divorce:

  • Practice acceptance: there is no point in changing your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies now, and you will likely get nowhere when doing so.  This is why you should just accept your situation from early on. Your energies are better used on working on yourself and getting a positive divorce outcome.
  • Educate yourself: though this may seem minor, reading books about how to deal with a narcissist can help you better interact with your spouse during your divorce proceedings. Besides books, talking to a therapist who is well-trained in high-conflict divorces can offer great advice.
  • Do not show emotion: even though you and your spouse are separating, they will want to remain emotionally engaged with you so that they can maintain control over you. This means that they will likely create conflict to get your attention (i.e., send hostile messages, bad-mouth you to your child and family, make false claims against you in court, etc). However, you must keep your sanity because otherwise, you will be giving into the control that they are seeking.
  • Hire a skilled Long Island divorce attorney: with your spouse enjoying conflict, they may prosper in the litigation environment. This is why you need an attorney who is trained in navigating high-conflict divorces and will prevent your spouse from dominating the courtroom. In any event, we can also serve as your mediator. But if you want to avoid a lengthy, pricey, and emotionally draining divorce process, you must call our firm at your earliest convenience.

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