Is a Low-Conflict Divorce Possible?

Is a Low-Conflict Divorce Possible?

Even if you and your spouse are on the best of terms, divorce can be a stressful process. However, there are some tips you can follow to help make the process easier for you both. Read on to discover how a low-conflict divorce can be possible and how a seasoned Long Island divorce attorney at The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., can work to make this achievable.

How can a low-conflict divorce be possible?

Usually what helps to relieve some tension during a divorce process is the services of an unbiased, third-party mediator. This person may or may not be an attorney, but they can guide you and your spouse through negotiations in a way that is civil and fair. If not, there are other ways in which you can work independently to achieve a low-conflict divorce.

For one, you can avoid heated communication at all costs, whether that be in person or via phone, text, email, social media, etc. Not only will this just create more conflict, but such aggressive messages can be used against you as pieces of evidence in your court proceedings. Ultimately, the New York court will disfavor this display of behavior, which may impact their decision-making. So, you should always communicate in a neutral tone.

Also, you practice ways to control your emotions. This can be done by exploring different coping mechanisms that are healthy to practice throughout your divorce proceedings. Remember that being driven by your emotions will only hurt you and your settlement in the long run. So instead, enter a stage of acceptance for your current situation.

Next, you can focus your energy on fixing your mindset, actions, etc., with your current situation. Put simply, you and your spouse are getting a divorce for a valid reason. So, there is no point in wasting your energy on fixing things that you do not like about them.

And last but not least, if you and your spouse share a child, you should make their best interest a top priority. This is for the best because you and your spouse must figure out how to be amicable co-parents. Regardless of what your differences with your spouse may be, your common goal should be to work toward fulfilling your child’s current and future needs. So, create an example of respect for your child.

For more best practices, you should connect with a competent Nassau County divorce attorney at your earliest possible convenience. Do not hesitate in reaching out to our firm today.

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