Visitation Orders in New York

Visitation Orders in New York

Whenever a couple gets divorced, there are a lot of emotions that must be dealt with. If the couple who is getting divorced has children together, there is an added level of emotions that some find unbearable. The idea that a parent may not see their child as much as they once did can be devastating. However, other family members may also feel the negative impacts of a divorce and may worry about the future of their relationship with the child as well. New York State’s family court system allows certain family members to request that the court grants them visitation rights so they can continue the strong bond that they have with the child.

With that said, the court is always going to rule in the best interests of the child and may have to consider a number of different factors to determine whether a visitation order is appropriate. Some of the factors that the court may consider when issuing visitation include the bond between the applicant and the child, the amount of time that has passed since they last spent time together, the reason for the request, and any risks that the individual may pose to the child.

Be advised that New York State only allows parents, grandparents, and siblings to request visitation. All other family members are not permitted to make this request from the court. If you have questions about child custody or child visitation in New York State, contact our firm today.

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