Passport Denial Due to Missed Child Support

Passport Denial Due to Missed Child Support

Millions of noncustodial parents throughout the country are subject to making child support payments each month to their child’s custodial parent. If a noncustodial parent stops making their child support payments, they may be subject to a number of different penalties against them. Some of these consequences may include withholding income, a drivers’ license suspension, and may even be able to issue a warrant for your arrest. One other consequence that you may face is that the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement can deny you from obtaining a passport.

Noncustodial parents who fail to make their child support payments with arrears that surpass $2,500 will be reported to the State Department. When the noncustodial parent’s name is forwarded to the State Department, they will be denied a passport, which ultimately prevents this person from leaving or entering the United States. If your passport application has been denied because you have neglected to make child support payments, you should contact the New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement to pay off the outstanding debt that you owe in this situation. You can really only get a passport if you have resolved these debts. In addition, it is important to note that if you have been reported because you missed child support payments in multiple states, you will have to contact the Child Support Enforcement agency in each of those states. After these matters have been resolved, make an appointment at your local passport issuing agency.

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