What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

One question that a lot of people going through New York’s Family Court System have is what will happen in the invent that they cannot physically appear in court. Some of the reasons that a person may not be able to attend the court date include that they are incarcerated or they have an illness. In some situations, a person may be able to appear but they have a physical or mental disability that prevents them from representing themselves in court. Someone who can speak on behalf of anyone who is not able to attend the hearing is referred to as a guardian ad litem.

It is important to note that the guardian ad litem is not permitted to actually make decisions for you in your case. However, you are allowed to discuss your case with the guardian ad litem if you have the availability to do so. It is also essential to be aware that if you are appointed a guardian ad litem, this person cannot act as your attorney. If you have been appointed a guardian at litem, you will also be appointed an attorney who can represent you.

If you or one of your family members has a hearing with New York’s Family Court but cannot attend for a legitimate reason, you may want to consider trying to obtain a guardian ad litem. If you have questions about your options, contact an experienced family law attorney who can assess your case and provide you with assistance.

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