Benefits of a NY Mediated Divorce

Benefits of a NY Mediated Divorce

Divorce is usually a very complicated and emotional matter. When a couple is headed towards divorce, they often want to get it over with as quickly and as easily as possible in an effort to move on from this chapter of their lives. Couples considering divorce have a lot of options. One of the options that is increasing in popularity is the process of a divorce through mediation. Mediated divorces, while not for everyone, can allow the couple to reap benefits that other forms of divorce do not provide. In a mediated divorce, the couple will work with their respective attorneys and a neutral mediator to resolve the contested matters at hand and ultimately come up with a separation agreement that works for everyone.

Some of the benefits of a mediated divorce are as follows:

  1. The couple can take control over their divorce. They will be able to make decisions instead of having the court decide for them, which is the case in litigation.
  2. Mediated divorces are often quicker and less expensive than other methods.
  3. The couple often comes away with a better relationship than they had prior to the divorce and can obtain some closure.

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