Why Should I Choose Divorce Mediation Over Litigation?

Why Should I Choose Divorce Mediation Over Litigation?

If you are considering divorce and would like to weigh your options, you may want to consider mediation. Continue reading to learn more and reach out to our skilled Long Island divorce attorney today.

What is divorce mediation?

Contrary to litigation, divorce mediation is conducted privately behind closed doors, instead of in a courtroom. Typically, mediation is executed with the help of a mediator which serves as a neutral third party. The mediator helps both parties communicate with one another in order to reach an agreement. However, you will want to note that the mediator does not support either side or come up with a solution. Rather, the neutral party is a moderator and simply helps the parties work together to reach a conclusion.

What is the mediation process like?

The mediation process does not include a judge or decision-maker. Instead, each party, on their own, will come to an agreement that is beneficial to the two involved. There is no “loser” in the process. Both participants strive to reach creative solutions, which help with everyone’s needs. Additionally, because parties are forced to communicate through this, it helps support communication in future contacts (post-dispute).

Why should you choose mediation over litigation?

Mediation is usually favored because it is adaptable. In many divorce law disputes, there is a lot that goes into settling on the final court date. While mediation is flexible. It can be conducted in the evenings or the weekends. Court appearances do not need to be months apart. Instead, participants can meet multiple times a month. Because there is plenty of flexibility in planning the process, it is more manageable for parties to come together and reach a decision. While a resolution may be found in just a few months via mediation, many family law disputes take over a year to resolve in court.

The process is also reasonable. By not deciding to go through litigation, you will cut out many of the administrative costs related to appearing in front of a judge and court personnel. It is also critical to recognize that the parties have more of a voice in this process as well. An agreement or “ruling” is made by those directly affected in the dispute. On the other hand, a court appearance in public makes it hard to thoroughly discuss important issues.

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