Why is establishing paternity important?

Why is establishing paternity important?

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When a child is born, the identity of the child’s biological mother and father is usually assumed if the couple is married. However, unwed couples are faced with a dilemma as paternity is not assumed. In most cases, paternity is not established for unwed couples. There are various reasons why unmarried men need to establish paternity. One of the most significant reasons is to protect their parental rights. Legal paternity also ensures a child has financial and emotional support from their biological parents. If you are a child’s father yet you have not established legal paternity, you need a trusted Nassau County Father’s Rights Attorney to protect your rights. Keep reading to learn why establishing paternity is important. 

What are the benefits of establishing legal paternity?

Firstly, paternity is the legal establishment of a child’s father’s identity. When a child is born, the person’s name indicated on the child’s birth certificate does not establish paternity. An individual can have their name on a child’s birth certificate and not be the child’s biological father. A child’s mother can name anyone to be the father on the birth certificate. DNA tests can establish the identity of a child’s biological father.

Since paternity is not determined based solely on a child’s birth certificate, a father who is not married to their child’s mother must acknowledge their paternity voluntarily. If they do not acknowledge their paternity voluntarily, the child’s mother can bring a paternity lawsuit. In this case, the probable father must undergo DNA testing. When paternity is established, the court can order the father to prove financial support for the child’s basic needs through a child support order. Ultimately, establishing legal paternity is crucial as it helps the court order custody, visitation, and child support.

Furthermore, the court values the child’s best interests. Therefore, the court finds it essential for a child to know that they are part of a family. Children benefit from having a relationship with both parents if possible. For fathers, establishing paternity can create a legal relationship. Having a healthy relationship with a father can benefit a child in many ways and offer emotional support.

Without paternity, fathers will have difficulty obtaining parental rights. Therefore, they will not be able to have parenting time. As a child’s father, if you have not established legal paternity you must do so as soon as possible to protect your rights. Contact our determined Nassau County Father’s Rights Attorneys. Our firm is prepared to do everything to protect your parental rights. Allow our firm to represent your interests in court to maximize your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.


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