What is the Age of Emancipation from Child Support in New York?

What is the Age of Emancipation from Child Support in New York?

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In the state of New York, parents are required to financially support their children. If you have questions or concerns about the timeline of child support, it is in your best interest to reach out to our firm today to learn more. Our dedicated family law attorneys are prepared to ensure that you and your child’s futures are protected.

How does child support work in New York?

There are two kinds of custody in New York: legal and physical custody. A parent who has physical custody of the child will have the child in their possession more frequently than the other parent. As a result, the parent will be responsible for providing the child with a home, clothing, food, education, and other obligations. In many cases, the cost of this can be high and can be too much for one parent to manage themselves. Because of this, New York requires that both parents have a legal responsibility to support their children financially. In a situation like one previously mentioned, the parent that has physical custody will likely require support payments from the other parent. Child support payments are used to balance out the child’s cost of living between both parents, despite their custody arrangements.

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At what age does child support end?

Child support payments are required throughout a child’s life and can end when the child reaches a certain age of emancipation. Typically, the age is 21 in New York, however, they do not always have to be. In some instances, support can be extended later than 21 years old. For example, in the event that the child pursues higher education and cannot support themselves. In other cases, support can be terminated even sooner. For example, if a parent believes that their 18-year-old child can support themselves, they will be able to petition the court to end support payments. It is important to note that the court must approve this petition in order for the child support to end. If a court does not claim the support over, the payments must continue until further notice.

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