What if I Believe My Former Spouse is Putting My Child at Risk?

What if I Believe My Former Spouse is Putting My Child at Risk?

The topic of child custody rights is emotional for a parent who is looking out for their child’s best interest. The New York court will likely believe that your child’s best interests are achieved if both you and your former spouse have regular and ongoing access to your child. However, if you believe your former spouse negatively affects your child’s healthy development, you must immediately speak out against this decision. Read on to learn what actions to take if you suspect your former spouse is putting your child at risk and how a seasoned Nassau County child custody attorney at The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. can work to modify your child custody agreement.

In what ways may my ex be putting my child at risk?

Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse are the most obvious signs that your former spouse is putting your child at risk while under their supervision.

Your suspicions may also be correct if there are signs that your former spouse is acting neglectfully toward your child. Below are a few examples of such behavior:

  • Your former spouse leaves your minor child unsupervised.
  • Your former spouse does not provide your child with enough food and water.
  • Your former spouse lets your child consume foods that they are allergic to or that affect their health (i.e., they are diabetic).
  • Your former spouse does not help your child maintain proper hygiene (i.e., they do not bathe them).
  • Your former spouse does not bring your child to proper medical attention when they need it.

Also, your suspicions may be valid if your former spouse consistently places your child in dangerous situations. Below are some examples of such:

  • Your former spouse does not ensure that firearms or sharp objects are out of your child’s reach.
  • Your former spouse abuses drugs or alcohol while supervising your child.
  • Your former spouse drives carelessly with your child as a passenger.

Can I modify my child custody agreement if my child is being put at risk?

First and foremost, if you are positive that your child is a victim of abuse, violence, or neglect while under the supervision of your former spouse, you should take immediate action and file a restraining order on their behalf.

Once this is settled, you should petition the New York court for a post-judgment modification to your child custody agreement. This is so you can obtain sole custody of your child. With this, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that your former spouse poses a danger to your child or is otherwise parentally unfit.

Overall, you should contact a competent Nassau County post-judgment modification attorney immediately.

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