What are My Family’s Options for Adoption in New York?

What are My Family’s Options for Adoption in New York?

Adoption is a great way to add to a family. It is also known to be one of the most joyous and stressful times in a family’s life. Luckily, the state of New York has many different adoption options for families with different needs and circumstances. If you are considering adoption or would like to learn about the process, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a seasoned New York family law attorney to help guide you through this process. At The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., our mission is to help our clients achieve their familial goals as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to schedule your first meeting.

What types of adoption are available to me in New York?

  • Domestic adoptions: Typically, these take place within the United States and occurs when an individual in the United States adopts a child who was born and lives in the United States. This type also relies on the help of an adoption agency.
  • Private adoptions: These do not utilize an agency to help pair parents with the birth mother. In most cases, the birth mother and adoptive parents arrange the adoption themselves.
  • Identified adoptions: This type is used when the adoptive parents and the birth mother of the child find each other independently but finalize the process with the assistance of an adoption agency to facilitate some of the complexities of the process.
  • International adoptions: This form of adoption is when parents adopt a child from another country. It is essential that parents understand the legalities of international adoption, as they are often more complicated than domestic adoption. Additionally, these adoptions usually require a lot of travel to and from the child’s home country.

Why should I retain a family law attorney?

There are a lot of legal issues that need to be addressed during an adoption process, and it is beneficial to have an experienced legal expert on your side to help you and your family navigate through the complexities of this long and often stressful process.

The start of the adoption process begins with a 27-hour training period, also known as the “Home Study.” This will require the submission of various personal documents including financial standing, employment, schooling, medical references, and more.

If you have questions about this process or are considering adoption as a whole, contact The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., and speak with one of our skilled family law attorneys.

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