Do step-parents or siblings have visitation rights?

Do step-parents or siblings have visitation rights?

New York State understands how emotional a divorce can be when the couple that is ending their marriage has children together. While it is difficult for the people who are actually getting divorced, it is also difficult for family members who have grown close with the child or children. This is especially true in situations where the child’s custodial parent from a previous marriage gets remarried to someone else.

Often times, the child’s step-parent from the marriage is now ending may have a strong relationship with the child but is denied access by the child’s biological parent. In addition, the child may have step-siblings from this relationship that may also no longer be able to see the child. These matters are very complicated and upsetting because many times, step-parents and siblings see the child as their own. They may wonder what their legal options are as far as visitation.

Unfortunately for them, New York State only grants visitation rights to certain family members. The only people that are eligible to request visitation with the child are grandparents, siblings, and the child’s non-custodial parent. Step-parents, step-siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins are not permitted to request visitation.

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