Should I File For Divorce Before My Spouse Does?

Should I File For Divorce Before My Spouse Does?

One of the most frequently asked divorce-related questions is whether it matters who files first. Though several different factors will ultimately determine the outcome of your divorce, the first spouse to file may matter more than you know. Please read on and reach out to our experienced Nassau County firm to learn more about why it can be beneficial to file first.

What are the advantages of filing for divorce before your spouse?

The main advantage of filing first is preparedness. If you file first, you most likely allowed yourself enough time to find the right attorney for you. There are several divorce and family attorneys in the Nassau County region, though only one will be the perfect fit. Oftentimes, the right attorney can make all the difference. Imagine, for instance, that your spouse sprung a divorce on you. You will most likely be left scrambling to hire the first divorce attorney you meet, and he or she may, or may not, be able to get the job done. However, if you file first, you can be confident going in that you took the time to find and appoint the right attorney.

Additionally, because of the fact that most divorces are carried out in the jurisdiction in which they are filed, it can be advantageous for you to file right here in Nassau County, especially if your spouse is now living in a different state. If your spouse files first, you may be forced to travel back and forth to his or her current location, perhaps multiple times, simply to carry out your divorce proceedings. Whether you have children, a job, or any other responsibility that requires daily attention, this sort of travel is completely unnecessary, and can most likely be avoided with a little proactivity.

Will filing first save me money?

While there is no guarantee, oftentimes, people do find that filing first does, in fact, save them money. Though the emotional aspect of divorce is, understandably, taxing, it’s the financial aspect that very often puts people under. However, when you take the initiative and file first, you allow yourself a chance to create a budget for your future, perhaps even with the assistance of an experienced financial analyst. With a compassionate, skilled attorney, and a comprehensive, sound financial plan going forward, you can file with both confidence and peace of mind. Our firm is here to help, as soon as you are ready.

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