What is a post judgment enforcement?

What is a post judgment enforcement?

When you are going through a divorce, many crucial decisions need to be made. These decisions can be anything from child custody agreements to spousal support. When these decisions are made, neither party involved can see a few years into the future and won’t have any idea what circumstances may change. Luckily, the law understands that situations are going to change and will allow you to file for a post-judgment enforcement in order to try and make any changes necessary.

Let’s just say you have a spousal support agreement that requires you to pay a certain amount each month but you have recently lost your job and can no longer afford to make these payments. You can file a request for a post-judgment modification in order to make it so you may have the opportunity to lessen the amount of the payments or stop them altogether. It is important for you to continue to make these payments until told otherwise by the court. If you stop making these payments without permission, you may end up causing more harm than good.

Post-judgment modifications are the responsible and legal way to make a change in your agreement. It is important to take responsibility for any major changes that may impact your custody, child support, or spousal support arrangement.

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