Nassau County 2020 Divorce Trends

Nassau County 2020 Divorce Trends

As our society progresses, various aspects, naturally, change with it. Divorce is one of those aspects of life that is constantly evolving, and it has done so in today’s day and age quite significantly. Below, you will find a list of some of the most prevalent divorce trends in our society today. Please read on and reach out to our experienced Nassau County divorce attorney to learn more about the process and how our firm can help.

  • Social media is significantly contributing to divorce terms and outcomes. Though unsurprising, it is nonetheless fascinating how significantly technology even impacts the outcome of divorces. Generally, social media comes into play when couples disagree on alimony or child support payments. For example, imagine, for a moment, that your spouse claims you owe “x” amount in child support, yet he/she is constantly posting pictures of vacations, perhaps a brand new car, etc. It’s no surprise that these posts very often are used as evidence in a courtroom setting.
  • There is a greater number of people over the age of 50 getting divorced. This is an interesting trend, as most couples are getting ready for retirement right around this time. When couples over 50 years of age divorce, they very often have more assets accumulated, which makes property distribution all the more complicated. Additionally, these divorces almost always require a rigorous updating of your estate plan.
  • Nassau County courts no longer automatically grant mothers child custody. Though this is not the best news for mothers, the truth is, since more and more women are working full time, child custody is far more likely to go 50/50, unless one parent proves that he or she is parentally unfit and/or a danger to the child.
  • Many divorcing spouses are hiring Nassau County divorce mediators, as opposed to entering the litigation process. Litigation is notoriously time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and financially complex. Because of this, many spouses are turning instead to divorce mediation. Essentially, an experienced Nassau County divorce mediator acts as an unbiased, neutral third-party that sits down with you and your spouse in a calm, out-of-the-courtroom setting. Both you and your spouse will state your desired terms for divorce, and from here, the mediator will facilitate civil discussion, ultimately resulting in a fair compromise. If divorce mediation sounds right for you, simply speak with our Nassau County divorce mediator to proceed.

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