What is a mandated reporter for CPS?

What is a mandated reporter for CPS?

The New York State Child Protective Services and the Office of Children and Family Services works to remove children from situations of abuse, maltreatment, and neglect. Many CPS cases are started because someone who believed there was a problem reported signs of abuse or maltreatment to the agency. New York State has issued a list of Mandated Reporters, or people in professional roles who are required to report any signs of child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment they find when working with the child.

Some examples of mandated reporters can include a physician, registered nurse, day care employee, counselor, social worker, camp director, school employee, psychologist, law enforcement official, among many others. A few of these mandated reporters have additional requirements to fulfill when they report abuse. If a mandated reporter fails to report suspected cases of child maltreatment or abuse, they may face criminal penalties. Failure to report may result in a Class A misdemeanor and they may be sued for damages if the child faced any harm directly related to their neglect to report.

One of the other important things to know is that Mandatory Reporters must attend required training through the New York State Education Department Office of the Professions. Many professionals such as teachers and social workers are required to attend this training to obtain their professional license. Some people can take the training through educational facilities or even take an online course.

If you are a professional that suspects child abuse or malpractice, it is imperitive that you report these suspicions to Child Protective Services as soon as possible.

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