How to Share Custody This Thanksgiving in Long Island

How to Share Custody This Thanksgiving in Long Island

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For couples who were recently divorced, the holidays can be hard, especially when there are children involved. Parents want to spend the holidays with their kids, which becomes difficult when custody is shared. Thanksgiving is an especially family-oriented holiday. So, how do you go about sharing custody with your ex-spouse on Thanksgiving? To learn more about shared custody options for holidays, read on.

Alternate Years

When it comes to holidays, you and your spouse may choose to alternate years. This is a good idea for many couples as it leaves little room for miscommunication and is fair to both parties involved. That being said, some parents don’t want to wait until next year to celebrate important moments. So, below you will find other ways to celebrate the holiday, even if you are alternating years.

Split the Day

You can talk to your ex about splitting the day. One of you can take the morning and the other can take the evening. While Thanksgiving is often celebrated with a turkey dinner, you and your kids can enjoy watching the parade and eating a festive breakfast.

Change the Date

You don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. If your ex-spouse has the children for the holiday this year, there is no reason you can’t simply celebrate the day after. All you really need is good food and good company, which can occur any night of the year.

Spend it Together

While this is not an option for all divorced couples, some do choose to continue spending the holidays together. If you think this may be a good option for you and your ex, discuss the possibility.

Partake in Other Activities

You don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving to show your appreciation for your family. You can do other Fall-related activities with your children. For example, bake a pumpkin pie together, make hand turkeys, and more. Get creative and establish new traditions.

Celebrate with Others

You could always celebrate Friendsgiving if this is not your year with the kids. Just because you aren’t celebrating with your children, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surround yourself with important people in your life.

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