What are the four kinds of adoption?

What are the four kinds of adoption?

When couples want to expand their family, one of the ways that they can do so is through adoption. Some people choose adoption because they are unable to have children traditionally while others do so simply out of the good in their heart. No matter the reason, adoption is a wonderful thing. As exciting as adopting a child is, it can also be a very complex and emotional matter. Adoptive parents often hit many bumps in the road throughout the process so it is important to speak with a family law attorney who can effectively guide you through the legalities of adoption.

There are four different types of adoption, each of which has its own legal hurdles.

  • Domestic adoptions: these take place within the United States and often rely on the help of an adoption agency.
  • Private adoptions: these do not utilize an agency to help pair parents with the birth mother. Typically, the birth mother and parents arrange the adoption among themselves.
  • Identified adoptions: This form of adoption is when the adoptive parents and the birth mother of the child find each other independently but finalize the process with the assistance of an adoption agency to ease some of the complexities of the process.
  • International adoptions: This form of adoption is when parents adopt a child from another country. It is important that parents understand the legalities of an international adoption, as they are often more difficult than domestic adoptions.

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