Family Law Matters Relating to COVID-19

Family Law Matters Relating to COVID-19

We have all been struggling to cope with the burdens imposed by the new coronavirus. Unfortunately, New York State has been hit particularly hard. Though we all feel the effects of the virus, divorced co-parents are now presented with a long list of unique issues specifically caused by COVID-19. That being said, The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., remains open for business and is here to help you via telephone meetings and otherwise with any of the following situations:

  • Beginning the divorce process: If you were ready to get a divorce before the pandemic hit, and you are now questioning whether you should simply “wait it out,” you are not alone. Many people are in a similar situation. Of course, you know the answer to this question better than anyone, though in many cases, a divorce simply cannot wait. Because of this, our firm is here. If you are ready to begin the divorce process, feel free to give us a call today for an initial telephone or video consultation.
  • Parenting time/child custody: Oftentimes, when couples get divorced, and even after their initial divorce agreement is established, hashing out child custody and parenting time is a top-priority issue. Unfortunately, child custody terms are only further complicated in the midst of a pandemic, especially as there is no real existing guidance on how child custody will be modified during an after a pandemic. In many cases, people feel afraid to leave or exchange their children with their former spouse or partner for various reasons; their children’s safety being their main concern. If you are someone who is looking to reach a temporary agreement but cannot do it alone, please do not hesitate to call our experienced Nassau County mediator who can help you and your spouse reach a temporary agreement that works for you and your former spouse, all while keeping your children safe.
  • Child support obligations: Many people have now lost their jobs or have been forced to close their businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This, rather obviously, can take a serious financial toll, which is why if you are a supporting parent, you may require a temporary modification to your initial child support agreement. Reach out to Attorney Pollack today, as he may be able to help you draft an application to modify your support obligation.

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