Establishing Parenting Time in the Wake of the New Coronavirus

Establishing Parenting Time in the Wake of the New Coronavirus

Parents want nothing more for their children than for them to be safe. In the weeks and months surrounding the recent COVID-19 outbreak, divorced parents are becoming more and more concerned about how this may affect their child custody/parenting time agreement. Though these are complex waters to navigate, our experienced Nassau County family law attorney is here to shed some light on the subject. Of course, both parents want their children to be safe, however, they also both want to see their child according to schedule. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus quickly spreading, this may become difficult. That is why you and your former spouse will have to create a workable, temporary coronavirus schedule to ensure you are on the same page.

Generally, as long as you and your former spouse can be open and honest with one another, this may not take more than a few hours. However, if you are not on speaking terms, you may need an experienced Nassau County mediator, or you may even have to go in front of a judge to ensure your parenting time is protected. Please read on to learn more about what you and your ex can do to best navigate through these uncertain times:

  • Plan for the worst: Of course, nobody wants to catch this virus. However, if you or your former spouse do, you will need a comprehensive plan detailing where your child will stay, where you will be quarantined, and more.
  • Educate yourself: Though you or your spouse may be reluctant to give up parenting time, the more you know, the more you should understand the importance of doing so. Read the CDC website. Understand the symptoms of the new coronavirus, such as a dry cough, fever, or pneumonia. If you are experiencing these symptoms, do not see your child. Get tested. Do whatever you can to ensure you do not spread this potentially-deadly virus.
  • Decide on where you, your spouse, and your child can, or cannot travel, based on areas that are infected, or pose a serious risk to your health.
  • If you cannot work together initially, hire an experienced mediator who will work as an unbiased third-party to work out a compromise between you and your spouse regarding the best parenting time schedule going forward.

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