Can support payments be modified?

Can support payments be modified?

One of the major concerns that people have is when they have a court order to make support payments, whether it is for child support or spousal support, is that they can no longer make payments. Life happens and circumstances change, which the New York State court understands. Perhaps you experienced a job loss, an unexpected illness that led to high medical bills, or any other situation that may result in your financial status not being quite what it once was. No matter how dire your situation is, you can’t just stop making support payments altogether because that can result in serious additional legal trouble.

If you want to change the amount of money you are required to pay, you will have to request a modification through the court. The court will want to know why you are requesting a change in the amount you pay for your support. Spousal support may be easier to modify than child support because child support is calculated with a formula. If you fail to make your child support payments, you will be facing serious consequences so it is important that you continue to make payments as initially agreed upon until the court says otherwise. Those who fail to make child support payments in full and on time may face penalties such as garnished wages, passport denial, or even as far as have a warrant issued for their arrest.

If you have questions regarding how you can modify a support agreement, speak with an experienced divorce and family law attorney today.

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