How can mediation help property distribution?

How can mediation help property distribution?

Couples who get divorced in New York State are more frequently choosing to execute their divorce through a process known as mediation. Mediation allows a couple to stay out of the courtroom and sit down in a conference room setting with a neutral mediator to help guide them through the factors related to their divorce.

One of the primary reasons that so many people are choosing mediation now more than ever is because it allows the couple to have control over their divorce that they do not have in a traditional, litigated divorce. In a litigated divorce, a judge is not going to know or necessarily care about the emotional attachments that each spouse has to certain assets. The court does take a number of factors into consideration when dividing assets such as the age and health of each party, the contribution to assets and debts during the marriage, the financial situation of each party, and more.

Mediation allows a couple to discuss each individual asset that needs to be addressed and decide amongst themselves. So, perhaps both spouses want the house but the one spouse buys the other out of the deal so they both walk away with something. If you need assistance in dividing assets, contact our firm today.

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