Can I Relocate From Nassau County With My Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Can I Relocate From Nassau County With My Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

New York State has been hit particularly hard by the new coronavirus. Because of this, many parents are considering relocating with their children to protect their safety. Of course, this thought comes with the best intentions, however, relocating with a child as a divorced co-parent is far from simple in New York. Please continue reading and reach out to our knowledgeable Nassau County family law attorney to learn more about relocation laws in New York and how our firm can help you and your family stay safe.

What are the laws in New York State concerning relocation with a child?

To relocate with a child, you will have to first either get permission from the other parent, or a Nassau County court. Of course, the easiest means of relocating is simply speaking with your former partner or spouse, explaining your concerns, and getting the “o.k.” to relocate. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and if the other parent refuses to allow you to relocate, you will have to obtain a court order if you wish to do so. If you ignore your former partner’s wishes and relocate anyway, you will most likely face significant legal ramifications that will probably impact your child custody agreement in the future.

When you request a relocation, Nassau County judges typically consider several factors to determine if the move is in your child’s best interest. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Whether you are moving to significantly improve the quality of your family’s life
  • Whether you are moving to keep your child or family safe (this factor is particularly relevant in this case)
  • Whether you or your child needs dire medical treatment
  • Whether you are moving to live with a new spouse
  • Whether you are pursuing higher education or a new job

The court will also consider additional factors, including the following:

  • If your child is old and mature enough, whether he/she has a preference regarding the move
  • Your former spouse/partner’s reason for objecting to the move
  • Whether your former spouse/partner can also relocate
  • The opportunities available for your child in the new location, and whether there are any potential downsides for your child if you relocate

If you wish to relocate with your child, please do not hesitate to give our knowledgeable, compassionate Nassau County family law attorney today.

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