What is a No Fault Divorce in New York?

Accel Admin   April 27, 2016   Comments Off on What is a No Fault Divorce in New York?

Le divorceNo fault divorce, which was adopted into law in August 2010, changed the way people proceeded to get a divorce in New York. Before this, couples who wanted to get a divorce needed to plead and prove grounds for divorce and have legal causes of action to explain their reasoning. That could end up with a trial just on the grounds issue itself. Now, if someone wants to get a divorce, it generally doesn’t involve them defending the reasons for wanting a no fault divorce or irretrievable breakdown. This means they have a situation, where it has been impossible to fix the problems of their relationship that have arose in the last six months, and both individuals have agreed on how to deal with familial issues and finances. New York was the last state to approve no fault divorce and it has been very helpful in making the divorce process a lot easier.

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