What you do to prepare for your Nassau County divorce depends on the kind of the divorce; whether you predict it will be amicable or a high-conflict case.  It also depends on whether there are significant assets involved and whether there are children involved. No matter what the circumstances in your divorce case may ultimately be, there are some basic documents that should be pulled together for your attorney. Generally, three years of personal tax returns, three years of business tax returns if one of the parties is a business owner, three years of credit card statements for all credit cards in either party’s name, a few representative and recent pay stubs, three years of bank statements for all bank accounts whether in a party’s sole name or joint accounts, a recent statement for any retirement assets of the parties, a recent statement for any stock or investment portfolios owned and a copy of the deed to the marital residence if the parties own a house.  Eventually,  your attorney will require you to prepare a Statement of Net Worth which is an NYS form that all parties in a divorce must complete, with the attorneys for each party then exchanging them with each other.  The Statement of Net Worth and the above-listed documents are a good start for an attorney to understand the financial issues in a new case.  Along the way, other documents will most likely be required, but the above are the basics and generally the most essential. The more assets that the parties have the more documents will be needed.   There may also be the need for some pre-divorce filing moving of funds from joint accounts to accounts in one party’s name, in order to prevent the other part from “raiding” the joint account.  But because of legal limitations that arise from filing a Nassau County divorce, a party is only able to accomplish this protective move prior to his or her commencing the action for divorce.  An experienced matrimonial attorney in Nassau County such as The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. will guide the client in achieving this goal without stepping outside what is permitted by law.

The Pollack Law Firm, P.C., rated Nassau County’s “BEST” divorce lawyers and proudly serving clients in Nassau and Suffolk County for more than 22 years, is always available to assist and represent parties in divorce, separation and all other matrimonial and family law matters. Please call today to schedule a complimentary case analysis: (516) 938-3330.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to provide only general information for entertainment purposes and should never be relied upon as legal advice.  One should seek the assistance of experienced matrimonial counsel to assist in explaining the law, options and making important decisions in any divorce, matrimonial or any family law matter.  By reading this article, no attorney/client relationship arises in any manner whatsoever.

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