Mandated Child Neglect Reporters

Mandated Child Neglect Reporters

Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) function to protect children in the state of New York. These agencies rely on the public and other agencies to help them fight against child abuse and neglect throughout New York State.

While these agencies work hard to protect children, there are often unfortunate situations where an estranged parent will file a false report with CPS against the innocent other parent in an effort to win custody of their children back. Another major factor in CPS and ACS cases against innocent people are the obligation of mandated reporters. Certain professionals are considered “mandated reporters” in the state of New York. They are legally obligated to report any inkling of neglect or abuse. So, as stated before, misunderstandings can lead to terrible results for innocent parents. Some of these professionals include:

  •     School administrators and educators
  •     Medical Professionals
  •     Social Workers
  •     Law enforcement

What happens when a report is filed with Child Protective Services?

Even the most innocent people are vulnerable to a filed CPS/ACS report. Child protective service agencies are obligated to investigate every allegation of abuse or neglect within 24 hours of the filing. They will assess the safety of the child in the home and with the parents in question. This is mandatory. The state has 60 days to determine if the case is “indicated” or “unfounded.”

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