I Know My Children Want to Live With Me Does This Help?

Accel Admin   July 28, 2015   Comments Off on I Know My Children Want to Live With Me Does This Help?
  • Depending on the children’s ages, they could have some input as to where they ultimately reside.
  • When there are contested issues of custody and parenting time, the judge will appoint an attorney for the children, which used to be called a law guardian.
  • That attorney is an experienced attorney with children’s issues and has those children as their clients and represents their interest in the case.
  • The children are interviewed, spoken to at various times during the case by this attorney, and the attorney reports back to the court.
  • The court can sometimes have an interview we call an “in camera” interview with the children in chambers in the presence of the attorney for the children and the court reporter, but the attorneys are not present.
  • They will ask the children questions about what is going on in the home and make sure they are making this decision free of any duress or pressure from either parent.