How can I revise an initial prenuptial agreement in New York?

How can I revise an initial prenuptial agreement in New York?

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When a couple creates a prenuptial agreement, they may wonder whether they can revise it after marriage. In New York, a couple is legally entitled to modify or revise their prenuptial agreement after they’ve been married. In addition, they can also choose to nullify or revoke the agreement after they tie the knot. However, to proceed with either of these options, both spouses must agree to revise or revoke the prenuptial agreement. Please continue to read on and contact a determined Nassau County Prenuptial Agreement Attorney if you are interested in modifying or nullifying your prenuptial agreement after marriage.

How do I go about revisiting an initial prenuptial agreement in New York?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between two parties who are getting married. This type of legal document covers what happens if a marriage fails. Essentially, it dictates who gets what in a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are both mutually agreed upon and legally binding. Depending on the state a couple resides in they can revise their initial agreement. Some states do not allow couples to modify their prenuptial agreements after marriage. However, New York allows couples to amend their initial prenuptial agreement after marriage. To make modifications, each party must mutually agree on the revisions. When a couple wants to change the terms of their agreement they can choose to either add to the existing contract or sign a completely separate contract that modifies the terms of the initial prenuptial agreement. Creating a postnuptial agreement may be in the best interest of the couple as it is essentially the same thing as a prenuptial agreement. The only difference is that a postnuptial agreement can only be created after the marriage takes place. This is a practical option for couples that want to leave their initial prenuptial agreement untouched but wish to add new terms.

Why would a couple make revisions to their prenup?

There are several reasons why a couple may choose to make modifications to their initial agreement. Oftentimes, couples choose to revise their prenuptial agreement after significant changes in their circumstances. Significant changes may include having children or having a substantial change in their financial situation. In addition, couples may seek to amend their initial prenuptial agreement if they acquire additional property or simply no longer wish to have one. Major changes in a couple’s life could affect how they decide on the division of assets in the event of a divorce.

Ultimately, couples can revise their initial prenuptial agreement in New York after marriage. If you and your spouse are looking to revise your initial prenuptial agreement, get in touch with one of our highly skilled attorneys. With years of experience, our firm can help you modify your agreement to reflect your current situation.

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