What happens if my ex-spouse violates a court order?

What happens if my ex-spouse violates a court order?

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which one party willfully violates an order that was previously made by the court. The court can issue an order during a divorce or family law matter for a number of reasons. Some of these court orders may be issued for matters of child custody, child visitation, spousal maintenance, and child support. When one of the parties neglects to follow the provisions of the court order, the other party who has become the victim may want to consider obtaining an order for enforcement.

A petition for enforcement, which is sometimes referred to as a violation petition, is requested by an individual who has suffered because of the other party’s willful violation of a court order. If the court can establish that the individual did willfully violate the court’s order, the individual may be subject to a number of negative consequences.

For example, if the person failed to make child support or spousal support payments, the court may require that they pay a lump sum or may even be subject to wage garnishment. In the most extreme situations, the court may hold that individual in contempt of court. If you need assistance holding an individual accountable for violating a court order, contact our firm today.

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