Do I Need An Attorney Even if My Divorce is Uncontested?

Do I Need An Attorney Even if My Divorce is Uncontested?

To learn more about why you will need an attorney on your side during your uncontested divorce in New York, reach out to our firm today. Our skilled Nassau County uncontested divorce attorneys are on your side.

What is an uncontested divorce in New York?

The state of New Jersey processes uncontested divorces much more quickly than contested divorces. There are several different ways for a divorce to be considered “uncontested.” A contested divorce is a legal term for when a divorcing couple does not directly agree on all of the key divorce matters of child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of assets.

With an uncontested divorce, 35 days after the initial divorce paperwork is filed, a final hearing will be organized, and the judge will review the divorce paperwork, and in most instances present the requested divorce. This is a significantly reduced time frame when corresponding with a contested divorce, so once your divorce meets the requirements for an uncontested divorce, this can be a much more efficient way of resolving your divorce. It is also significant to recognize that you will want to retain the services of a skilled attorney to help you through this process.

How do I file an uncontested divorce?

If you and your spouse have come to a final agreement about all the terms of your property settlement agreement before the divorce was filed, you are will be capable of filing for an uncontested divorce. At this stage, the filing party should file their initial divorce complaint, in addition to the agreed-upon property settlement agreement.

The defendant, also understood as the party who is not filing for divorce, should not reply to the divorce complaint. After 35 days without an answer from the defendant, the plaintiff can ask for a final divorce hearing. It is noteworthy to understand that the plaintiff must observe this hearing, and while the defendant does not have to, it is still recommended that they do if they are qualified.

A family court judge at a final hearing will review all of the papers connected with the divorce, including the proposed property settlement agreement. The judge will sign the final divorce decree, and your divorce will be given according to the terms outlined in your property settlement agreement. It is most beneficial to have a skilled Nassau County uncontested divorce attorney on your side throughout each stage of this process.

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