Do all divorces go to court?

Do all divorces go to court?

When a couple decides that they no longer want to be married, they will have to start thinking about the divorce process. Divorce isn’t simply, “okay, we’re not married anymore.” There are a lot of factors that need to be dealt with in a divorce. Some people are under the impression that the dissolution of marriage always happens in a court. That is simply not the case. There are many different types of divorce and not all of them have to take place in front of a judge in court.

Understanding the different options for divorce is important to determine what is best for you and your spouse. Some divorces take place in court and some do not. Many people want to avoid going to court at all costs so they choose to get a divorce through mediation or another form of an uncontested divorce. Mediated divorces are generally quicker, less expensive, and more peaceful.

However, some couples are simply not on good enough terms to be able to complete their divorce out of court and need a judge to make the decisions that will effect their life. Perhaps they can’t agree on child custody matters or there is an argument over the division of assets. These divorces generally take a longer amount of time and are a little bit more expensive because you have to pay for the court fees as well.

If you are considering divorce and are unsure of what your options are, you should contact an experienced and compassionate divorce law attorney who can help walk you through the process during this emotional time in your life.

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