How can I stop parental alienation?

How can I stop parental alienation?

One of the most devastating situations as a parent is to feel as though the child’s other parent is preventing them from maintaining a relationship with the child. A non-custodial parent is already spending less time with their child than the custodial parent gets to so when this parent feels as though they are losing even more time, it can be very upsetting. There are, however, a number of ways to handle parental alienation. Your first step is to speak to a qualified family law attorney.

You should recognize some signs of parental alienation. These include making visitation nearly impossible and purposefully destroying a bond between the parent and child. If you notice the custodial parent attempting to do this, call our firm. We can work towards finding evidence of parental alienation, which is key when dealing with courts. If you can’t show evidence, attempting to bring the matter to court may be nearly impossible and they may not be able to do anything to assist you. If you suspect parental alienation, keep notes of any instances that may be able to count as evidence.

Custody matters and parental alienation can be heartbreaking for a parent. Our firm is here to help. We understand how difficult these already complex matters can be and it is important that you retain strong legal representation that understands how these matters are handled in court and can fight for the future relationship between you and your child.

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