Can I refuse to send my child for court-ordered visitation? | Nassau County Child Visitation Attorney

Can I refuse to send my child for court-ordered visitation? | Nassau County Child Visitation Attorney

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Divorces that involve children are always more complex as the court has to determine child custody and visitation orders. Understandably, it can be emotionally overwhelming as one parent is typically named the custodial parent, meaning the child lives with them. During the divorce process, a non-custodial parent must file for a court-ordered visitation schedule which allows them parenting time with their child. Regardless of the circumstances of the divorce, the court will do whatever is in the child’s best interests to ensure their overall well-being is a priority. Under certain circumstances, one parent may refuse to adhere to a court-ordered visitation schedule. Regardless of the reasoning, parents are not allowed to ignore court ordered visits. However, if one parent believes their reasoning is justifiable, they must take the issue up with the court. If your ex is refusing to obey a court-ordered visitation schedule, contact an experienced Nassau County Child Visitation Attorney who can ensure you get parenting time with your child.

Is it illegal to ignore a court-ordered child visitation order?

It is understandable that a parent may be hesitant to send their child for visitation. This may be because there are new people coming into their child’s life that they do not know such as an ex’s new girlfriend or boyfriend. Additionally, they may be hesitant because their ex has a history of substance abuse. Whatever the case may be, it is illegal to deny court-ordered visitation rights to a parent. Neglecting to adhere to a court order is a violation. If a parent disobeys or ignores a child visitation court order, they can face significant consequences and could possibly be held in contempt. However, in certain cases, a parent may refuse court-ordered visitation if they fear for their child’s safety and have reason to believe their child is in imminent danger. To protect a child and ensure their best interests, a parent may deny court-ordered visitation if they have reason to believe their child’s other parent is physically, verbally, or sexually abusing the child. It is acceptable to deny visitation, however, the parent refusing visitation must take this matter up with the court. The court will then determine if the claim is valid. If the court does find the parents’ reasoning to be legitimate, they can revoke the existing visitation order to ensure the child’s safety and welfare. However, if a parent does not have a legitimate reason for refusing to send their child for court-ordered visitation, they will face serious consequences as it is illegal to disobey a court order.

If your ex is refusing to send your child for court-ordered visitation, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our skilled and determined attorneys. When it comes to matters involving children, you can rely on our firm to lend a compassionate hand in ensuring your child’s best interests are a priority. If you believe your ex’s parenting time should be revoked or you are wrongfully denied parenting time, our firm can assist you.


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