What Does the Attorney for the Child Do?

Accel Admin   July 28, 2015   Comments Off on What Does the Attorney for the Child Do?
  • If there are issues of custody and parenting time in a divorce, the court is empowered to appoint an attorney for the children, which used to be called law guardian.
  • The attorney for the children is appointed by the judge, from a panel of pre-qualified attorneys, who have special training in this area and dealing with children.
  • Their job is to interview the children and report to the court what their client’s desire and positions are it the children are of a certain age.
  • In younger children who really are not capable of expressing that, the attorney for the children will assess the best interests of the children and report that to the court.
  • Of course, that attorney becomes another attorney in the case and therefore, if there was a trial, that attorney would be given the right to examine the parties under oath just like the other attorneys are in a normal trial.