Can My Fiancé’s Parents Force Me to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement?

When a couple gets married, they entangle two separate lives. This can mean joint-bank accounts, shared assets, and more. Additionally, families grow and expand through marriage, forming lots of new connections and relationships. As a result, things can get complicated. For example, you may not agree with your future in-laws on certain things. This is […]

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Family Law | What are the Most Common Issues During the Holidays?

The holidays can be stressful. For example, there is lots of shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, planning, and traveling. But, the holidays can be difficult for a number of other reasons. Because the holidays are so family-oriented, a lot of family law issues tend to arise. If you are grappling with any family law issues, reach […]

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What are the Requirements of a Prenuptial Agreement?

Today, around 50% of marriages end in divorce. While it is likely that your marriage will not end in divorce, it is a good idea to prepare for all possibilities. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your assets is with a prenuptial agreement. Read on to learn more about prenuptial agreements and […]

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How Do I Know if My Nassau County Prenuptial Agreement is Valid?

If you are ready to get married, you are most likely putting months into planning your wedding, the after-party, your honeymoon, and more. Of course, marriage is a huge step in life, which is why so much preparation goes into it. That being said, there is one preparation that many couples fail to take, and […]

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