Can I Stop Paying Child Support if I Have Lost My Job?

In New York, parents have a legal responsibility to care for their children financially. As a result, child support is taken very seriously. But, sometimes, issues arise and you may struggle to continue making these payments. If this is the case, you will want to reach out to an experienced family law attorney to discuss […]

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What to Know About Irreconcilable Differences in a Marriage

When filing for divorce, you will have to cite grounds. Grounds refers to the legal reason for your divorce. The grounds you choose to cite can impact the process of your divorce. In many cases, couples choose to cite irreconcilable differences. Read on to learn more about irreconcilable differences in New York divorces. Grounds for […]

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Family Law | What are the Most Common Issues During the Holidays?

The holidays can be stressful. For example, there is lots of shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, planning, and traveling. But, the holidays can be difficult for a number of other reasons. Because the holidays are so family-oriented, a lot of family law issues tend to arise. If you are grappling with any family law issues, reach […]

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Do I Need to Hire a Forensic Accountant for my Long Island Divorce?

Divorces can be messy, and sometimes, spouses are dishonest in an effort to protect themselves and their assets. If you suspect your spouse to be hiding assets during your Long Island divorce, you will need to contact a forensic accountant. If you are interested in working with a forensic accountant, read on for more information. […]

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