Family Law Matters Relating to COVID-19

We have all been struggling to cope with the burdens imposed by the new coronavirus. Unfortunately, New York State has been hit particularly hard. Though we all feel the effects of the virus, divorced co-parents are now presented with a long list of unique issues specifically caused by COVID-19. That being said, The Pollack Law […]

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What You Need to Know About Divorce in Nassau County

Nobody expects when they say the words “I do” that their marriage will end in a divorce. Unfortunately, this is the case with many people across the United States and the world, and if you are currently going through a divorce, or are about to go through one, you most likely have several pressing issues […]

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Reasons to Keep Your Divorce Private and Off Social Media

Amidst the new coronavirus, many of us will now have more and more time to spend on social media. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using social media, however, if you are going through a divorce, or were even recently divorced, you must be very careful about you most. Unfortunately, for many people, it […]

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Can I Change the Amount of Child Support I Receive in Nassau County?

When parents get divorced, their main concern is, generally, their children. Nassau County has a child support system in place to ensure children are financially sound after a divorce. However, after a divorce, things change. If, after a few months or years, you find you require an updated set of child support terms, you will […]

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