How Does Substance Abuse Affect Child Custody?

When a couple with children gets divorced, child custody is the most important matter they will have to determine. Read on to learn more about how custody is determined in New York and what to do in the event that you lose custody. How is Custody Determined in New York? In New York, courts believe […]

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Parental Alienation in New York | What You Need to Know

Parental alienation occurs when a spouse tries to actively destroy the relationship of the other parent with their child. In order to do this, the spouse may put ideas into the child’s head about negative feelings toward their parent. Since children are young and impressionable, they may start to believe their parent’s manipulation. Children assume […]

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What to Know About Child Custody in New York

Custody is often one of the most difficult matters to settle during a divorce. This is because parents often feel very strongly about what is best for their children and they do not always agree. It is important that your child is in a happy and healthy environment- as a result, New York courts take […]

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Child Support for Unmarried Parents in New York | What to Know

If you and your partner share a child and you decide to split up, you may be wondering about the legalities of your situation. For example, how will child support and child custody work? This is a common occurrence, and New York courts have a system in place in order to determine these matters. Read […]

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