Stepparent Adoption in New York | What to Know

Many couples get divorced and later remarry. This means that stepparents, stepsiblings, and stepchildren may enter the mix. Sometimes, a stepparent will want to adopt his or her stepchild. Read on for more information regarding stepparent adoptions in New York. Reasons for Stepparent Adoption There are a number of reasons a stepparent may want to […]

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Adoption Options in New York | What to Know

Adoption is a wonderful way to create or add to a family. While it may seem simple, adoption can be a rather complicated process, and there are many different ways to go about it. It is important to educate yourself and prepare for the road ahead. For more information about the different adoption processes in […]

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How to Share Custody This Thanksgiving in Long Island

For couples who were recently divorced, the holidays can be hard, especially when there are children involved. Parents want to spend the holidays with their kids, which becomes difficult when custody is shared. Thanksgiving is an especially family-oriented holiday. So, how do you go about sharing custody with your ex-spouse on Thanksgiving? To learn more […]

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Child Custody in New York | What to Know

A divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. Things become even more complicated when young children are involved. In fact, child custody is often the most contested matter of a divorce. Parents feel very strongly about what is best for their children, and it is easy to disagree. If you are getting a divorce, […]

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