Parental Alienation in Nassau County | What You Need to Know

Parental Alienation in Nassau County | What You Need to Know

There are few things more emotionally-taxing than going through a divorce. Unfortunately, this statement gains even more credence when children are involved. Though many divorcing parents understand that despite their differences, they have to work together for the best interests of their child, in many cases, this does not happen, and one spouse will do everything in his or her power to manipulate their child to see the other parent in a negative light. This sort of manipulation is known as parental alienation. There is no excuse for such behavior, and all the experts agree that doing so often has serious psychological effects on children, and this trauma can, in some cases, last a lifetime. For this very reason, if you believe that your former spouse is engaging in parental alienation, it is critical that you act sooner, rather than later.

Parental alienation does not always look the same; in some cases, it comes in the form of passive verbal jabs about the other parent, which, over time, result in the child favoring one parent over the other. In other cases, one parent may constantly and outright rant about the other parent to the child. Additionally, we have even seen parental alienation occur when one parent pretends that he or she is rescuing the child from the other parent when in reality, the other parent is perfectly capable and the child does not need rescuing at all. The bottom line is that parental alienation is wrong, and if you believe you and your child are victims, our experienced Nassau County family law attorney is here to help.

Putting a Stop to Parental Alienation

Stopping parental alienation often calls for legal action. In many cases, our firm can fight to have your child custody agreement modified by proving to the courts that your former spouse is violating your child custody agreement in that by psychologically affecting your child, he or she is not acting in your child’s best interests. This is not always easy to prove, however, our skilled Nassau County family law attorney can work to demonstrate that it would be in your child’s best interests to limit the time he or she spends with your former spouse. If you are ready to get started, give our firm a call today.

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