Marital Property Division

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The Long Island divorce attorneys,  THE POLLACK LAW FIRM, P.C,  work hard, pro-actively advocating for our clients to make sure they are treated fairly in property settlement negotiations while doing all that we can to resolve their divorce with the least expense, hostility and as quickly as possible.

However, when these objectives cannot be reasonably accomplished Long Island divorce attorneys, THE POLLACK LAW FIRM, P.C. is fully prepared to take the matter in to the Courthouse and aggressively litigate the case.

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As your matrimonial advocate, it is our responsibility to make sure the property division in your divorce includes all of the property that New York State considers divisible between divorcing parties. Our office is unstoppable in working to discover the assets and income of the other spouse, even when they appear to be “hidden” assets or “nonexistent” income, or assets that the other spouse may have placed in the name of a third party such as a parent, friend or other relative. Our office is very experienced in dealing with spouses who own businesses both large and small and with pensions and other retirement benefits.

We are also very experienced in dealing with issues of “enhanced earning capacity” where one spouse may have obtained a degree during the marriage which has a positive future impact on that spouse’s earning capacity. Our office also works to aggressively protect “separate property”, that is, property (money, real estate, etc. that one party brings into the marriage) from the other spouse’s claims at the time of divorce.

The issues of property division, protection and debt allocation can be very complex and are key to the future financial stability of people after their divorce. It is therefore crucial that the attorneys chosen are very experienced in dealing with these issues.

Clients can rest assured that we can provide the experience, the personal attention and zealous representation needed to see that your marital property division is settled favorably.

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